ADA Advocacy Library

ADA's Advocacy Library is your resource to learn about diabetes priorities and legislation affecting people with diabetes, and take action! Our advocacy efforts include supporting government funding for diabetes research and programs, ensuring access to health care, supporting insulin affordability, preventing type 2 diabetes, fighting discrimination, and much more. Watch the videos and view the other resources here to learn more about how you can join us!

Insulin Affordability

The insulin supply chain is a complex system.

One thing is simple--people with diabetes rely on

insulin to live. Watch the video and take action

by signing the petition


Insulin isn't a luxury. It can mean life or death for

millions for people with diabetes. The price of

insulin TRIPLED between 2002-2013. Read the

ADA's policy statement and recommendations to

improve insulin access and affordability, and get

an overview of this important issue.

Special Diabetes Program: Investing in Groundbreaking Research & Programs

The Special Diabetes Program helps tackle

the diabetes epidemic through type 1 research and

type 2 programs.

Learn more about the Special Diabetes Program,

helping Americans with diabetes thrive. Visit and make your voice heard.

Take action to support the Special

Diabetes Program (SDP) at today! SDP

delivers life-changing advances to

allow more American to live longer,

healthier lives.

Federal Diabetes Funding

How does the federal budget and appropriations process

impact diabetes research and programs funding? Learn

how the Advocates can help bend the curve for people

living with diabetes and read about the staggering

cost of diabetes.

Meet Our Advocates

These are our advocates. This is Diabetes.

Hunter's Story

This is Tim & Colin. This is Diabetes.

Safe at School-- We're in this together

This is Chase & Courtney. This is Diabetes.

This is John. This is Diabetes.

This is Doris. This is Diabetes.

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