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Floridans are increasingly feeling the effects of diabetes as over 2.3 million residents suffer from the disease, and many others may have diabetes and not know it! It is estimated that one out of every three children born after 2000 in the United States will be directly affected by diabetes. In South Florida approximately over half of a million adults are currently living with diabetes.

That is why the American Diabetes Association's South Florida office is so committed to educating the public about how to stop diabetes and support those living with the disease.

We are here to help.


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Wellness Lives Here

Wellness Lives Here will educate and motivate people to adopt healthful habits to reduce the impact of obesity and type 2 diabetes in this country. For some, it will mean fewer sick days and higher productivity. For others, it will mean looking and feeling better. For everyone, the result will be more empowered Americans who are better able to control, delay or stop diabetes and related health problems.

What Can I Eat?

What Can I Eat? is a nutrition support program for adults living with type 2 diabetes, their families and caregivers. The program comprises four interactive sessions over four weeks in groups of 10 to 15 participants.  Sessions will launch in Fall of 2017. 

Safe at School

The American Diabetes Association is the leading advocate for the rights of children and adults with diabetes. Children spend most of their time at school. The Association provides parents with resources and training modules to help them work with their child's school to create a medically safe learning environment for your child. Parent "Safe at School" workshops are offered in July and August, and a school nurse diabetes update will be offered in time for back to school this summer.

Diabetes Resource Center

To address the diabetes epidemic on a local level, the American Diabetes Association, in partnership with the Leo Goodwin Foundation, will pilot the South Florida Diabetes Resource Center. The "South Florida DRC" is designed to be a neighborhood place for health and wellness where residents of all ages can come for nutrition and cooking classes, diabetes and prediabetes education, information on local resources, support groups, testing referrals and more.  Scheduled to open in early 2018.  More information to come soon!

Camp Gene

Camp Gene is a lifeline for children with diabetes to develop the critical skills needed to thrive while managing this disease.  Camp gives kids the opportunity to meet other kids just like them while fostering independence, building self-confidence and gaining an awareness of a healthy lifestyle through education, nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being and glucose control. 

For more information on any of the programs above, please contact Shaunte Young at

Diabetes Prevention Programs

In collaboration with the Florida Department of Health and local Diabetes Prevention Programs throughout Florida, the American Diabetes Association wants all people with prediabetes to know that getting type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a sure thing. In fact, prediabetes can often be reversed. Join a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle change program to help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

The program can also lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, improve your health overall, and help you feel more energetic

Volunteer With Us

VolunteerYour involvement as an American Diabetes Association volunteer—whether on a local or national level—will help improve lives of everyone impacted by diabetes, maybe even someone close to you. There are many ways for you to get involved—a little time can have a big impact.

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