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The most recent press releases from the American Diabetes Association:

February 21, 2017
American Diabetes Association Issues Diabetic Retinopathy Position Statement
The American Diabetes Association (Association) has issued updated guidelines on prevention, assessment and treatment of diabetic retinopathy for providers and for people with diabetes.

February 15, 2017
American Diabetes Association Announces New Awards for Research in Cardiovascular Disease Among People with Diabetes
The American Diabetes Association (Association) today announced a new funding opportunity to support research into cardiovascular disease (CVD) among people with diabetes, one of the most dangerous and deadly complications of the disease.

February 8, 2017
American Diabetes Association Announces $9.75 million to Six Leading Researchers for the 2017 Pathway to Stop Diabetes Research Grants
Today, the American Diabetes Association announced $9.75 million to six recipients of the 2017 Pathway to Stop Diabetes research grants, providing $1.625 million to each scientist over a five- to seven-year grant term to spur breakthroughs in clinical science, technology, diabetes care and potential cures

January 25, 2017
American Diabetes Association® Launches Online Hub for Insulin Affordability Advocates
The American Diabetes Association today unveiled a new online hub——as part of its Stand Up for Affordable Insulin Initiative, which was launched in November 2016. The site houses key resources, including the Association’s national petition for insulin affordability.

January 19, 2017
American Diabetes Association Applauds Indian Health Service’s Impact on Diabetes Care in American Indian/Alaska Native Communities
The American Diabetes Association congratulates the Indian Health Service (IHS) for the significant impact of its diabetes care programs in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities across the country.

January 13, 2017
American Diabetes Association Discouraged by House Vote to Dismantle Affordable Care Act without Simultaneous Replacement Legislation
Advocating for the nearly 116 million Americans living with diabetes or prediabetes, the American Diabetes Association (Association) is discouraged by the passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of a budget resolution that moves forward the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without simultaneous replacement legislation.

January 12, 2017
American Diabetes Association® Opposes Senate Vote to Proceed with Affordable Care Act Repeal without Immediate Replacement
On behalf of the nearly 30 million Americans living with diabetes and the 86 million more with prediabetes, the American Diabetes Association (Association) is extremely disappointed the U.S. Senate voted overnight to pass a budget resolution that sets up a process to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a plan to simultaneously replace the law.

January 9, 2017
Renowned Physician, Educator and Researcher William T. Cefalu, MD, Named Chief Scientific & Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association
William T. Cefalu, MD, has been appointed Chief Scientific & Medical Officer (CSMO) of the American Diabetes Association and will formally begin serving on Feb. 20, 2017. Cefalu, who has more than 30 years of work in diabetes research and care, replaces Robert E. Ratner, MD, who retired on Dec. 31, 2016, after serving as CSMO for nearly five years.

January 5, 2017
Prominent Patient Groups Stress Importance of Pre-Existing Condition Protections in Any Health Care Replacement Plan
Several of the nation’s leading patient organizations sent a letter to Congress today stressing the importance of protecting guaranteed access to comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage for patients with pre-existing health conditions.

January 4, 2017
American Diabetes Association Thanks the 2016 Principal Officers and Welcomes 2017 Officers to National Board of Directors
The American Diabetes Association, the nation’s largest voluntary health organization leading the fight to Stop Diabetes®, thanks the four Principal Officers whose terms of leadership service ended in 2016 and welcomes the new 2017 Principal Officers and Board of Directors.

December 15, 2016
American Diabetes Association® Releases 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes
Psychological health, access to care, expanded and personalized treatment options, and the tracking of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes are key areas emphasized in the American Diabetes Association’s new 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes.

December 15, 2016
American Diabetes Association® Issues Expert Consensus on Differentiation of Diabetes
To facilitate a more personalized medical approach to diabetes, the American Diabetes Association announces publication of a report that paves the way for defining subtypes of diabetes. The report details the outcomes of a symposium convened by the American Diabetes Association, that included leadership from JDRF, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

December 14, 2016
American Diabetes Association® Opposes Affordable Care Act Repeal Without Immediate Replacement
As the leading voice for more than 30 million Americans living with diabetes and 86 million more with prediabetes, the American Diabetes Association (Association) expressed strong opposition to repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a simultaneous alternative in a letter sent to Congressional leadership yesterday.

November 22, 2016
American Diabetes Association Issues Hypoglycemia Position Statement
The American Diabetes Association has joined with the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) to issue a hypoglycemia position statement containing recommendations for identifying hypoglycemia and for reporting hypoglycemia in clinical studies.

November 22, 2016
The American Diabetes Association Releases Psychosocial Recommendations for Medical Providers
Living with diabetes can be challenging on many levels, and complex environmental, social, behavioral and emotional issues—known as psychosocial factors—influence the health of people living with the disease, as well as their ability to manage their diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has long addressed the psychosocial components of living with diabetes in its yearly Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, which covers all aspects of quality care for people with diabetes.

November 17, 2016
American Diabetes Association Board of Directors' Resolution: Insulin Affordability
The Board of Directors for the American Diabetes Association has released the following resolution on insulin affordability.

November 17, 2016
American Diabetes Association Issues Resolution and Launches Petition Calling for Access to Affordable Insulin
As the cost of insulin climbs, millions of Americans with diabetes are paying a steep price to stay alive. The American Diabetes Association today announces a resolution and the launch of a petition calling on all entities in the insulin supply chain to increase transparency and to ensure that no person with diabetes is denied affordable access to insulin.

November 4, 2016
American Diabetes Association Convened Leaders from the Intersection of the Diabetes and Technology Ecosystems at its First-Ever Technology Summit
Earlier this week, the American Diabetes Association convened leaders from the diabetes, design and health technology ecosystems—including more than 150 clinicians, entrepreneurs, payers, regulators, investors and people with diabetes—for the ADA Technology Summit in Mountain View, Calif.

November 1, 2016
Share Your Diabetes Story During the American Diabetes Association’s American Diabetes Month Campaign—#ThisIsDiabetes
New This Is Diabetes campaign encourages story sharing to empower people with diabetes and their loved ones, and to raise the level of urgency about the need to address diabetes.

October 25, 2016
American Diabetes Association Issues New Recommendations on Physical Activity and Exercise for People with Diabetes
The American Diabetes Association announces updated, comprehensive guidelines for regular, structured physical exercise for everyone with diabetes and recommends less overall sedentary time every day.

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