Foot Care Resources

5 Ways to Care for Your Feet

Taking care of your feet can be the first step in long-lasting improvements. Check out this quick guide of five ways to care for your feet.

When to See Your Doctor

To help prevent foot complications that can come with diabetes, it's important to have the right information to make smart choices and connect with expert diabetes advice.

Preventing Limb Loss

Managing current foot health issues can help limit further complications and reduce the potential for limb loss.

Connect With Local Support

You're not alone in your diabetes journey. Local community and social services can help you manage complications—and thrive and prosper. Use our Community Connections locator to find help with health care, nutrition, mental health, transportation, and more.

Get Access to Medical Care

Getting the medical care you need is extremely important no matter where you are on your journey with diabetes. Find information on the care you need to help you prevent diabetes complications.

Home Foot Care Checklist

Healthy foot care starts at home. Use our home care guide to make sure you're doing all you can to prevent diabetes complications and keep your feet feeling great.

Managing Diabetes Checklist

Use our quick checklist to successfully manage your diabetes and continue preventing complications all year long.

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