Cynthia E. Muñoz

Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD, MPH
President, Health Care & Education

Cynthia E. Muñoz, PhD, MPH, is a bilingual licensed psychologist who holds an appointment as Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MPH in Maternal and Child Health. Currently, she provides clinical care to children and youth with diabetes at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She also conducts research targeting behavioral health issues associated with pediatric insulin-treated diabetes. Dr. Muñoz co-developed a group intervention, TEEN POWER®, in 2006 for adolescents and youth with insulin-treated diabetes, siblings, and caregivers. With the generous support of the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation and the Beatson-ABHOW Type 1 Diabetes Fund, this program expanded to include groups for children starting at 6 years of age. In addition to providing clinical care and conducting clinical research, Dr Muñoz is the ADA’s President of Health Care and Education, President of the ADA’s Community Leadership Board in Los Angeles, and a member of the ADA’s national Safe at School Working Group. She is also a member of the ADA Mental Health Diabetes Education Program’s Steering Committee whose collaborative efforts aim to increase the capacity of mental health professionals who treat people with diabetes.