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Without the generous support of our donors, critical research that is needed to ensure progress in the fight against diabetes would not be possible.

Foundations that support the research foundation

We thank all donors for their generous support of the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation.

ADA Amaranth Lockup

As an international, Masonic-affiliated organization, the Order of the Amaranth raises money through its philanthropic charity, Amaranth Diabetes Foundation (ADF). Since 1979, ADF has been raising money for diabetes research supported by the American Diabetes Association. This past year (2018-2019), members raised an impressive $391,636.48, bringing their total amount raised over these past 40 years to over $16 million. The American Diabetes Association congratulates the Order of the Amaranth on its longstanding support of our mutual mission.

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Individual donors who support the research foundation

We thank all individual donors of the American Diabetes Association.