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2023 Annual Report

Discover the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) impact in the diabetes community—from health equity and research advancements, to food delivery and lifestyle change programming. 

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A Message from the ADA’s CEO

Chuck Henderson

The need to end diabetes has never been more urgent. Today, over 38 million Americans live with diabetes and nearly 98 million adults have prediabetes. The annual cost of this disease has ballooned to $412.9 billion, accounting for one in four health care dollars spent in this country. Diabetes has hurt too many people we love, for far too long. But I also know this: Our ability to make a difference has never been greater. 

As you’ll see in our 2023 Annual Report, the ADA is doing everything we can to fight diabetes through research, quality of care, food and nutrition, and access and health equity. Underpinning this work is the ADA’s commitment to prioritizing health care access for all Americans, particularly vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by diabetes. You’ll see some of those stories in the Health Equity Spotlights throughout this report. The ADA owes its 2023 accomplishments to our amazing network of volunteers, employees, members, donors, advocates, and industry partners. It takes all of us to end diabetes—because when we fight together, we change lives.

That’s what the ADA has done since 1940. Let’s continue the fight.

2023 Highlights

Innovation Challenge

Hosted our inaugural Innovation Challenge at the 83rd Scientific Sessions to promote novel approaches to diabetes care. 

Institute of Learning

Expanded our professional education experience with the online Institute of Learning.


Provided diabetes-friendly recipes and nutrition education to millions of Americans, including underserved communities.

Affordable Insulin

Secured $35 insulin copay caps in half of the states in the U.S. plus Washington, DC. 


We Fight for Research

The ADA provides critical funding to support innovative scientific discovery that translates into better treatment and healthier lives and advances the possibility of a cure.

Robbert Gabbay and Chuck Henderson

We Fight for Quality of Care

The ADA is taking immediate action by driving broad adoption of our revered Standards of Care in Diabetes—especially in primary care where 90% of diabetes care takes place.

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food & nutrition

We Fight for Food & Nutrition

The ADA is committed to driving resources and policy changes that help people choose and prepare healthy foods, navigate nutrition labels, overcome food insecurity, and more.

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Fighting for Advocacy + Health Equity

The ADA’s advocacy in 2023 brought many wins for the 136 million with diabetes or prediabetes, including: 

  • Insulin affordability through $35 copay caps for Medicare beneficiaries and some private insurance recipients
  • Greater access to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)—lifesaving diabetes management technology
  • Progressed and spearheaded amputation prevention and obesity treatment legislation in Congress

See how you can get involved in our fight to end diabetes once and for all.

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Community Programs

ADA Camp

There's something magical about ADA Camp—where children living with diabetes can just be kids.

Project Power

Project Power empowers adults and children to reduce their risk or manage and thrive with type 2 diabetes.