Ways to Contribute

You Can Make a Difference

Our programs and initiatives rely on people like you to bring them to life so they can improve the lives of millions. 

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Your Contributions Make Our Work Possible

Our programs and initiatives exist to serve the diabetes community by promoting healthy lifestyle changes, fostering community, and advancing health equity for all. And when you contribute through volunteering, sharing your story, or advocating, you become an essential part of reaching those who need our services most. Plus, you officially become a key player in the fight against diabetes—a fight we intend to win. 


Share Your Story with Know Diabetes by Heart

If you live with type 2 diabetes and make strides to protect your heart health—inspire others to do the same when you share your story with Know Diabetes by Heart™. Your story may be featured on the Know Diabetes by Heart website or social media channels!

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Become a Focus on Diabetes Champion

Our Focus on Diabetes® (FOD) Champions are people living with diabetes and diabetes-related eye disease who make the choice to put their health first. If that's you, apply to become a FOD Champion to inspire others to thrive despite their circumstances.

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Advocate for Health Equity for All

Did you know diabetes hits people with low incomes and in minority populations the hardest? This is a stat we don't take lightly and one we're fighting to change. Will you fight alongside us to bring about Health Equity Now®?

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