Grassroots Advocacy

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Our grassroots advocacy starts with YOU—your power to affect positive change at the state and federal levels to introduce and support legislation that will improve the lives of the millions affected by diabetes. When we harness our strength in numbers, we will influence our lawmakers to make insulin and medications affordable, eradicate discrimination in the work and school settings, tackle barriers to inequitable health, and so much more. But we need everyone—people living with diabetes, loved ones, people at risk for developing diabetes, health care professionals, and others impacted by diabetes—to join us!


Why do grassroots advocates get involved?

Taking Action/Contacting Lawmakers

See what bills our Diabetes Advocates are taking action on right NOW.

Know Your Rights

Sharing your Diabetes Story

Your story helps the cause of the diabetes community on Capitol Hill.

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Recruiting Advocates

Help us empower others to have a voice in this fight. Recruit your friends, neighbors, and family!

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Using Your Platform

Like, comment, share! Social media can be a powerful way to engage, influence, and inform your audience of our priorities.

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We're Fighting for You!

Diabetes Advocacy Priorities

Learn about our state, federal, and legal advocacy priorities and find out how they support research funding, health care access, and more!

Become a Diabetes Advocate

Your voice is a powerful tool, and when it’s amplified alongside our over 4000,000 Diabetes Advocates, diabetes doesn’t stand a chance. Will you join the ranks and shout to end diabetes discrimination, shout for insulin affordability, shout for Health Equity Now?