Join the Advocacy Attorney Network

Each month, hundreds of people nationwide contact the Association for help with discrimination matters.

The most common requests concern problems in employment and education; other requests involve police custody, correctional institutions, licensing, and places of public accommodations.

You Can be a Part of the Solution!
Any attorney concerned about the legal rights of people with diabetes should be part of The American Diabetes Association's Advocacy Attorney Network. Expertise in discrimination law is less important than a passion to fight discrimination based on diabetes.

When legal action is required to resolve a problem the Association helps people with diabetes find lawyers. In key cases, the Association has also been both a party plaintiff and an amicus curiae. And where the law stands in the way of fairness for people with diabetes the Association initiates -- and has passed -- legislation on the federal and state levels.

Network attorneys assist all of these efforts either through pro bono representation or in the regular course of their practice.

Become a part of a team making a real difference in the lives of people with diabetes.