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Sometimes Camp is the Best Medicine

And it's the perfect place to make those much-needed connections a reality. Summer camp can be a lifeline for children living with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2, as well as for their families. It's a place where kids can learn independence and develop a new level of self­-confidenceall within a safe and fun environment unlike any other.

The Magic of Camp

Every year, more than 6,600 campers and their families come together to share a week of summer fun, making memories that last a lifetime.

Diabetes is constant—children must manage it all day and night and it never goes away. We know children with diabetes and their families walk a tightrope, keeping blood glucose (blood sugar) levels not too low and not too high.

Camp can be an equalizer. Surrounded by peers who understand what it's like to live with diabetes, campers can share their fears and frustrations at the same time they celebrate milestones or "firsts." Maybe it's the first time they inject insulin or change a pump site without any help. Those moments don't go unnoticed; campers will often hear their name at morning announcements showcasing these firsts, followed by clapping and cheers.

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