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You Can Manage and Thrive with Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't define you. We've got the resources you need to help you live a healthy life.

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Your Guide to Healthy Living

Receiving a diabetes diagnosis can be scary—but know that it doesn’t have to stop you or someone you care for from living a healthy life. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is here for you throughout your diabetes journey—whether you’re newly diagnosed, caring for someone with diabetes, a health care provider trying to help the people you see thrive, or someone seeking general knowledge about diabetes.


Medications and Treatments

Diabetes medications and treatment plans can vary depending on who you are and can change over time. Talk to your doctor about insulin, oral medications, device technology, and other options to understand what's being prescribed and why, and how it can help you feel your best.

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Better Choices For Life

The Better Choices for Life program helps you make informed choices and easily identify food products, health- and wellness-related products, and products designed specifically for diabetes management that meet ADA guidelines. Learn what to look for the next time you're out shopping.

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Substance Use and Diabetes

Substance use when living with diabetes presents risks—but there are ways you can indulge safely. Explore these resources and learn what you should discuss with your health care provider.

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