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Health equity is a human right. We must solve it together. Now is the time.

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Inequity Systemically Harms People of Color

The COVID-19 pandemic and glaring examples of racial injustice are casting a bright light on an old problem in America. Health inequity is obvious and widespread. It contributes to worse outcomes and higher risk for diabetes and many other diseases. And it undermines the wellbeing of our most underserved communities.
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Easily find the diabetes program or resources in your area you've been looking for. Search for almost anything from medical care to education, to nutrition and health. Find resources in every zip code so you can get the help you need wherever you are.


Inaction is no longer an option.

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Amputation Prevention Alliance

Black Americans face rates of amputations up to four times higher than non-Hispanic white Americans. LatinX communities are 50 percent more likely to have an amputation and indigenous communities face amputations rates that are two times higher than those among non-Hispanic white Americans. We have created resources to address this crisis.