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Financial Assistance Available to People Living with Diabetes Through New Co-Pay Relief Fund Supported by ADA

January 26, 2022 | Arlington, Virginia

Today, the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) and the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) proudly announce the opening of the diabetes fund, expanding PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Program (CPR) to serve people living with diabetes. The launch of this fund, made possible by the support of the ADA, provides financial assistance to people living with diabetes who meet the eligibility requirements to pay for co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for doctors visits, medications, and testing related to the treatment and management of diabetes, and for medical insurance premiums. 

“The ADA has a long history of advocacy to help make care more affordable and accessible to people with diabetes. We are committed to improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes and determined to ensure that the 133 million living with diabetes and prediabetes have access to care no matter their race, income, zip code, age, education, or gender,” said Otis W. Kirksey, PharmD, RPh, CDCES, BC-ADM President, Health Care & Education. “This is a start to breaking down the foundation of systemic health inequities to promote sustainable change, the addition of the diabetes fund adds immediate support to those in financial need today.” 

Diabetes account for $1 of every $4 spent on health care in our country, and growing numbers cannot afford the medications they need to survive. The cost of managing diabetes can be financially devastating. According to the Cost of Diabetes Report, annual out-of-pocket expenses average $9,600 more for people with diabetes than those without. Half of adults who are underinsured reported problems with paying medical bills. As more Americans are impacted by rising out-of-pocket insurance requirements,  many find themselves skipping care and rationing medications, just so they can make ends meet–especially at the beginning of a new benefit year.
For many years, eligible patients with various medical conditions have benefitted from financial support provided by national Patient Assistance Programs to get the care they need. Despite the prevalence of diabetes, people with diabetes did not have consistent, meaningful access previously to this critical safety net resource. The diabetes fund is part of PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Program which has served more than 600,000 people living with cancers and other chronic conditions since the programs’ opening in 2004. Those receiving financial assistance will be able to use the funds to access care, act on their treatment plans, and reduce cost-sharing allowing them to better manage and care for their diabetes.

“We’re so pleased that we can open this fund and provide relief to patients in need with the support and partnership of the ADA. Diabetes is a challenging condition that can quickly become devastating to a person’s overall health when left untreated. Cost should not be the reason that people have poor health outcomes and PAF has made it our mission for 25 years to improve access to needed care by solving financial issues. We know first hand how the help provided by this diabetes fund will positively impact the lives of those who receive assistance. The demand is great. We know that nearly 13M Americans will meet our eligibility requirements,” said Fran Castellow, MSEd., President, Operations of Patient Advocate Foundation.

As demand is expected to be extremely high, continued and expanded support is critical to sustain the fund. The ADA has dedicated part of its fundraising efforts to continue to support and expand the fund and is actively seeking donations. Please contact for more information, or to make a direct individual donation visit

Patients seeking financial assistance are encouraged to contact the Co-Pay Relief Program directly.  For the quickest service, apply online using CPR’s secure online portals at, or call 866-512-3861 if personal assistance is needed. 

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