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Linking Policy

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) desires to align itself with reputable organizations, government agencies, and corporations that are interested in supporting the mission of the ADA. Toward this purpose, the ADA has established criteria for placing a link to another website from any of ADA Websites. We have also established criteria for how and when others can place links on their sites to diabetes.org, or any of its content.

To be eligible for a link from diabetes.org to your site, your site should:

  • Pertain to health care, and contain content of specific interest to people with diabetes
  • Represent an existing corporate sponsor or program partner of the ADA
  • Provide a beneficial service or information (consistent with the positions, statements, and policies of the ADA) not currently found on diabetes.org
  • Include a link to diabetes.org that follows the guidelines listed below

Should your request for linkage meet our criteria, the ADA will email you with confirmation. Because of the number of requests we receive, we will only respond individually to your request if your link will appear on our site. Regardless of any criteria, the ADA reserves the right not to link to any website for any reason we deem appropriate.

We encourage links to diabetes.org, and require only the following to place such a link on your website:

  • Notify the ADA of your intent to post a link to the diabetes.org home page, or other content page by sending an email to webmaster@diabetes.org
  • Use only the words "American Diabetes Association" or an approved graphic for any hyperlink to our site
  • Refrain from any placement of a hyperlink that implies endorsement or approval of your organization or any of the content on your website

Additional questions should be emailed to webmaster@diabetes.org