Resources For Lawyers

Lawyers are sometimes needed to help secure the rights of people with diabetes. Whether you are new to this area of the law or you are a seasoned expert, we have collected all the information you'll need to take on—and win—a diabetes discrimination case.

Attorney Materials

We have an extensive library of documents that may be useful to attorneys litigating or considering diabetes discrimination cases. The documents include outlines of the law, articles, case summaries, sample pleadings and discovery documents from diabetes discrimination and similar cases. 

These materials are intended to be used by lawyers and other legal professionals who are assisting in diabetes discrimination matters and should not be submitted in individual lawsuits without first consulting a lawyer. These materials do not constitute legal advice and should not be used in place of consulting a lawyer. More information:

  • If you are a lawyer looking for guidance on a diabetes case, please contact the Legal Advocate.
  • Read more about our efforts to end discrimination in the workplace, in schools, in correctional institutions and in public places.
  • Are you interested in joining the fight to end discrimination against people with diabetes? Learn about opportunities to help through our Advocacy Attorney Network.
  • Are you facing discrimination because of your diabetes? Learn how to get help from the American Diabetes Association.