Childcare, Camps, and Recreational Programs

Children with diabetes sometimes face problems participating in childcare, camps, and recreational programs such as sports leagues. It's important to understand the legal protections available so you can be an effective advocate for your child. Below are some resources that help parents and guardians understand the legal protections in the childcare setting and secure a safe and healthy environment for very young children with diabetes:

Training Resources

Once you are familiar with the laws that protect your child from discrimination, you'll want to know what resources are available to help you secure diabetes care at childcare, camp, and recreational programs. A written plan helps everyone involved with your child's care understand diabetes and their responsibilities.

  • The ADA has developed training resources for the school setting that can also be used in the childcare, camp, or recreational program setting. 
  • Written care plan (schools): Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP). Used for older children in K–12 who may be participating in camps or other recreational programming.
  • Written care plan (childcare): Childcare DMMP for younger children in a childcare setting.

Resolving Challenges

Do you want tips on how to advocate for your child? Often, questions and concerns that arise in the childcare, camp, and recreational programs setting also arise in the school setting. Some of the strategies developed through the ADA's Safe at School® campaign can be adapted to resolve challenges in the childcare, camp, and recreational programs setting. But keep in mind, the law may not apply in the same way. Read more about resolving challenges and learn about how you can get help from the ADA with a discrimination issue in childcare, camp, or recreational programs.

Diabetes Litigation: Childcare and Camps

Childcare centers, camps, and other recreational programs covered by the ADA and/or Section 504 cannot refuse to admit a child because they have diabetes and may be required to provide services, called accommodations, to a child with diabetes to enable the child to participate in the program. Learn more.

Legal Protections in Childcare, Camps, and Recreational Programs

Children with diabetes have the right to the same opportunities to attend childcare, go to camp, and participate in community activities as any other child. Learn more.

Childcare, Camps, and Recreational Programs: State Laws and Regulations

Even though federal laws provide protection for children with disabilities, state law often impacts whether non-nursing staff at a daycare or other programs can provide insulin injections and emergency glucagon injections. Learn more.