Paula Jameson, MSN, ARNP, CDE

Advanced Registered Family Nurse Practitioner; Certified Diabetes Educator; Master of Science in Nursing; Board Member of the Association of Diabetes Educators—important and respected titles that Paula Jameson, MSN, ARNP, CDE has held during her career as a health care professional. Paula has practiced nursing since 1973, in roles from patient assessment, to diagnosis, to surgery and medical intervention–and currently works in pediatric endocrine care at the Florida Center for Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the Florida Hospital for Children.

In addition to all of that, for years, Paula has been involved with the American Diabetes Association as an Advocacy Volunteer, serving in a variety of ways, including: Member of the Safe at School® Task Force; National Advocacy Committee; Central Florida Leadership Board and Health Care Professional (HCP) Legal Advocacy Network.

Paula's Legal Advocacy Volunteer work has had major impact and has led to meaningful outcomes for hundreds of people who have diabetes in the state of Florida—and beyond. She has educated families about their children's rights at school, instructed school personnel about diabetes care at school, written articles about fair treatment of children who have diabetes, participated in the review of American Diabetes Association position statements and served as an expert witness at trial.

Paula has helped with hundreds of diabetes discrimination issues through the years. Here is just a small list of some of her work on this issue:

  • Served as a disability rights expert witness at a 2011 Pinellas County, Florida trial involving a student with diabetes. An Association position statement was used as an exhibit in the case, and the decision went FOR the student. This is one "highlight" of Paula's advocacy work.
  • Participated on Capitol Hill as part of the Association's Call to Congress lobbying event. Also testified before a Florida House Committee in favor of Florida's 2011 Diabetes at School legislation, which prohibited mandatory re-assignment of students with diabetes to special schools, and permitted responsible students to carry all necessary medication/supplies with them during the school day. "It feels great being able to educate policy makers about diabetes care management—and for better decisions made that provide access to good diabetes care and resources for Florida students."
  • Joined other Association Advocates to discuss and work on higher-level diabetes issues that have led to precedents with a much broader impact on the entire diabetes community.
  • Conducted diabetes education programs at the Florida Association of School Nurses Annual Conference, Florida Hospital for Children, Orange County Public School Nurses Meeting, Florida Alliance for Diabetes Prevention and Care, American Association of Diabetes Educators…and many more.

Paula says that people with diabetes are treated more fairly today than in the past—particularly children in the school setting. So, things have improved, but many issues still pop up regularly. So, the fight for the rights of everyone who has diabetes goes on, and the more health care professionals who get involved in helping, the better. She encourages all HCPs to join the Health Care Professional Legal Advocacy Network and make a difference!