Safe at School

Medical and Scientific Sources of Authority

Advocacy Statements and Resources for Care at School

The American Diabetes Association works closely with other health organizations and agencies committed to making sure that students with diabetes get the care they need to be safe at school. We also constantly consult with our scientists and leading diabetes researchers and clinicians. The following are technical resources that may be useful to provide to health care providers, school administration officials, and others who are involved in the school care planning process.

Safe at School Statement of Principles sets out three essential components for safe and appropriate school diabetes management. 

American Diabetes Association Materials

Care of Young Children with Diabetes in the Childcare and Community Setting: A Statement of the American Diabetes Association (October 2023)
Learn about the legal rights of children with diabetes in the childcare settings, the best practices for diabetes care, and responsibilities for parents/guardians, childcare providers, and health care providers.

American Diabetes Association's Statement on Diabetes Care in the School Setting (September 2015)
Read about the appropriate medical treatment and services for students with diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association: Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel (November 2022)
Help educate school personnel about diabetes. Share a set of practices that enables schools to ensure a safe learning environment for students with diabetes.

Safe at School®: Guidance for the Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the School Setting (September 2023)

Safe at School®: School Support for Students with Diabetes Participating in Clinical Trials (June 2023)

Other Materials

American Association of Diabetes Educators Position Statement on the Management of Children with Diabetes in the School Setting

ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines 2022: Management and support of children and adolescents with diabetes in school. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Helping Your Child Manage Diabetes at School
Find guidance from the CDC about best practices for managing diabetes at school.