Safe at School

Written Care Plans

The best way to make sure students with diabetes get the care they need and are treated fairly is to put in place written plans. A Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP), or doctor's orders, is the basis for a Section 504 Plan or Individualized Education Program (IEP) accommodations plan. Accommodations plans should be written by a school team that includes parents, school staff, and, often, the student.

Diabetes Medical Management Plan

The DMMP lays out the specific diabetes needs of your child. The Association has a free sample DMMP that can be individualized for your child.

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Section 504 Plan

The 504 Plan sets out an agreement to make sure the student with diabetes has the same access to education as other children.

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Individualized Education Program

An IEP is more specific and focused than a 504 Plan detailing the student's academic current level of functioning, needs, supports, and goals.

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