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Focus on Diabetes® (FOD) is a multi-year initiative that brings together the American Diabetes Association and Visionary Partners from leading organizations in vision care to increase awareness about diabetes and eye health. This initiative provides easy steps and valuable information and experiences to prevent diabetes-related eye disease and preserve eyesight.

Many people with diabetes-related eye disease are at risk for vision complications. The most common diabetes-related eye conditions are diabetic retinopathy (DR) diabetic macular edema, (DME) cataracts, glaucoma and vision loss; the good news is that it is preventable with early detection, timely treatment, and appropriate follow-up care.


The economic burden of diabetes on the United States health care system is $139 billion for vision-related disorders alone. For those living with diabetes, an annual eye exam with an eye care professional can help prevent or delay disease and vision loss caused by diabetes. Focus on Diabetes® responds to the personal and economic costs of diabetes and eye disease by raising awareness and suggesting actions for those at risk for diabetes-related eye disease. FOD provides support and education to those affected by diabetes-related eye disease and educates health care professionals about diabetes-related eye disease and how to prevent it.

There are currently over 38 million American adults living with diabetes, and nearly 98 million Americans living with prediabetes. However, nearly 81% don’t know they have prediabetes.[i]

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