Getting Sick

Protecting our community during COVID-19

We’re taking action to help you stay healthy and safe during COVID-19.

While you focus on what matters most—staying safe and healthy—we’re fighting to protect our community.

Keeping insulin affordable and accessible

We’re driving state and federal efforts toward affordable insulin, including zero-dollar co-pays in Medicare during this crisis. Our efforts have led to out-of-pocket caps in 13 states so far—and we’ll continue the fight until insulin is affordable for all who need it.

We’re also working with our partners at the Diabetes Disaster Relief Coalition (DDRC) to keep our community informed about insulin availability, supply chain disruptions and prescription refill waivers. Visit the DDRC website for the latest information.

Ensuring continuous health care coverage

Thousands in our community are out of work as a result of COVID-19. Because health insurance is often tied to employment, losing a job can jeopardize their access to lifesaving health care.

We’re urging state and federal lawmakers to ensure uninterrupted health coverage for people with diabetes who lose their jobs during this crisis.

Fighting for remote medical care

For people with diabetes, precautions like social distancing are truly a matter of survival. So we’re working with federal agencies to remove barriers so people with diabetes can receive safe, effective care while maintaining social distance.

Waivers are now in place for some face-to-face visits, so people using test strips, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) can maintain coverage without leaving home to see their doctor.

Expanding testing in underserved communities

People in underserved communities—who are more likely to have diabetes—have limited access to COVID-19 testing, which can prevent them from getting the care they need. They often face additional burdens like lack of transportation, lack of insurance or lack of critical information.

We’re asking Congress to expand COVID-19 testing and outreach in vulnerable communities. We’re also advocating for direct funding to community health centers, academic medical centers and other nonprofit organizations, to bring testing and support to those who need it most.

Supporting front line health care professionals

With so many health care systems facing shortages of critical supplies, the number of health care professionals contracting COVID-19 is growing by the day. We’re doing all we can to ensure the safety of these front line heroes. We’ve successfully urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand remote patient monitoring in hospitals, to prevent unnecessary exposure to the virus. Working with our partners, we’ve also secured the donation of 25,000 CGM sensors to be used in hospitals across the country.

Health care professionals play a crucial role in keeping our community safe during this crisis. We must do our part to keep them safe, too.