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The American Diabetes Association® Launches: Better Choices for Life

March 30, 2021 | Arlington, Virginia

Participating, approved products will display the mark on select products to inform consumers

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Better Choices for Life program. The program is designed to aid shoppers in making better choices while shopping and is currently in its pilot stage. Products are selected through a science and evidence-based approach. At this time, prescription drugs are not evaluated or considered for the program. Following an extensive evaluation process, companies applying for participation and passing the evaluation may place the Better Choices for Life mark on their packaging, informing everyday purchases by consumers. It is important to note that selected products with the ADA label do not indicate endorsement. 

“The marketplace is crowded with products and services targeting people with diabetes–some of which make claims which are questionable,” said Sonja Baro, Vice President of Product Innovation at the American Diabetes Association. “Our goal is to help people know if a product’s claims are based in evidence or are “healthy” for those concerned about diabetes management or prevention.”

Claims regarding a product’s relationship to health, including specifically referencing preventing, managing, or even reversing diabetes can be confusing. Consumers can look for the mark to understand if the ADA has evaluated the product for the strength of their claims from the ADA’s perspective. 

Through the Better Choices for Life program, the ADA will:

  • Provide consumers a simple way to identify products and services that are suitable for people with diabetes or at-risk for diabetes.
  • Provide guidance to identify optimal food choices that support overall health goals and targets. 
  • Bring the ADA’s science and research to guide every day, split-second decision making via brand labeling and directional guidance.

Currently, there are three product categories in the program: Food and Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and Diabetes Management. Each category has explicit product types that are eligible for consideration, with more to be added. Products and services which have been evaluated are listed on the website at Brands interested in learning more about becoming a part of the program may contact 

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