Innovative Basic Science Awards

Basic science, also known as lab-based research, is a critical component to ensuring progress in diabetes treatment and care, and ultimately in finding a cure. Research in the lab precedes studies in human patients and is imperative to understanding how to best prevent, treat, and cure diabetes.

Our Innovative Basic Science awards support basic research by senior investigators with novel and innovative hypotheses in any area relevant to the etiology or pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications. Applications proposing high-risk projects with the potential for high-impact results are encouraged, as are studies that may not be sufficiently developed for traditional funding sources.

Meet our 2019 Innovative Basic Science Awardees

Beata Anna Lecka-Czernik, PhD

The University of Toledo Health Science Campus
Project: Common mechanisms regulating osteocyte support for bone remodeling and energy metabolism

Orian S Shirihai, MD, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles
Project: Hyper-secretion of insulin at basal glucose in the pre-diabetic obese: mechanism and drug target

Do-Hyung Kim, PhD

University of Minnesota
Project: Role of hepatic immunoproteasome in NAFLD and insulin resistance

Mark O. Huising, PhD

University of California, Davis
Project: Pancreatic beta cell maturation and regeneration supported by a neogenic niche

Mete Civelek, PhD

University of Virginia
Project: Dissecting the KLF14-regulated transcriptional network in adipocytes

Danwei Huangfu, PhD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Project: Discover the roles of FOXA2 in human pancreatic beta cell differentiation and function

Andrzej Bartke, PhD

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Project: Early life interventions for prevention of diabetes

Chi-Liang Eric Yen, PhD

Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
Project: Intestinal lipid metabolism, gut microbiome, and pancreatic beta cells

Yong Xia, MD

The Ohio State University
Project: Vascular endothelial injury in hypoglycemia

Juli Bai, PhD

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Project: The role of the cGAS-cGAMP pathway in regulating energy homeostasis

Greg J Morton, PhD

University of Washington
Project: Neurocircuits regulating glucose homeostasis

Xiongwen Chen, PhD

Temple University
Project: The roles of cardiomyocyte beta-adrenergic receptors, PKI and PKA, in diabetic cardiomyopathy

Ling Qi, PhD

University of Michigan Medical Center
Project: Defining the role of SEL1L-HRD1 ERAD in the liver

Darleen A. Sandoval, PhD

University of Michigan
Project: Defective counterregulation vs. GLP-1 in mediating increased postprandial hypoglycemia after bariatric surgery

Ambra Pozzi, PhD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Project: Bioactive Lipids in Insulin Resistance

Eric D Lazartigues, PhD

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans
Project: Epigenetic modulation of the autonomic nervous system and its consequences for cardio-metabolic diseases

Misty J Eaton, PhD

Universidad Central del Caribe
Project: Does astrocytic dysfunction contribute to stroke-induced brain damage in diabetics?

Jingshi Shen, PhD

University of Colorado at Boulder
Project: Dissect insulin-stimulated GLUT4 exocytosis using CRISPR genetic screens