Innovative Clinical or Translational Science Awards

All of our ADA-funded research comes back to the same question: how will this research ultimately help a person with diabetes? Our scientists with clinical or translational awards are on the front lines of making sure research reaches patients to inform decisions and ensure the best outcomes for people with diabetes or those at-risk.

The Innovative Clinical or Translational Science awards support research with novel and innovative hypotheses, performed in human subjects, or research approaches to accelerate the transition of scientific discoveries into clinical application. Studies supported with these awards must directly involve human subjects, human samples and/or data, and offer considerable promise for advancing the cure, prevention, or treatment of diabetes. Applications proposing high-risk projects with the potential for high-impact results are encouraged, as are studies that may not be sufficiently developed for traditional funding sources.

Meet Our 2019 Innovative Clinical or Translational Science Awardees

Karen Cerosaletti, PhD

Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason
Project: Single cell RNAseq analysis of islet antigen reactive memory CD4 T cells during T1D progression and therapy

Todd Hagobian, PhD

California Polytechnic State University
Project: Randomized trial examining oral consumption of bisphenol A on type 2 diabetes risk markers

Josep M Mercader, PhD

Broad Institute, Inc.
Project: Assessment of beta cell function in subjects with extreme genetic risk for type 2 diabetes through recall by genotype

Juan Dominguez-Bendala, PhD

University of Miami School of Medicine, Diabetes Research Institute
Project: Pancreatic beta cell regeneration through ALK3 receptor targeting

Dawn K. Coletta, PhD

University of Arizona
Project: Unraveling the role of mitochondrial DNA methylation in type 2 diabetes

Marta Yanina Pepino, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago
Project: Role of sweet taste signaling in glucose regulation

Micah J. Drummond, PhD

University of Utah
Project: Role of metformin on muscle and metabolic function in older adults during skeletal muscle disuse

Martin John Hessner, PhD

Medical College of Wisconsin
Project: Probiotic normalization of innate inflammation in type 1 diabetes