Meet Our Researchers

Pathway to Stop Diabetes®

The goal of the American Diabetes Association’s Pathway to Stop Diabetes program is simple, yet revolutionary: Find a new generation of scientists at the peak of their creativity, and provide them with the freedom, autonomy, and resources to set them on the road to breakthrough discoveries.

“My Pathway to Stop Diabetes award allowed me to break new ground in diabetes research to advance our understanding of early life determinants of obesity and diabetes.”

Kathleen A. Page, MD
University of Southern California

Innovative Basic Science

Our Innovative Basic Science awards support basic research by senior investigators with novel and innovative hypotheses in any area relevant to the etiology or pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications.

“My ADA grant was a great push to pursue new research ideas, and an inspiration to eventually have the findings of my laboratory translated into the clinic.”

Alexander Stauschenko, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Innovative Clinical or Translational Science

Innovative Clinical or Translational Science awards support research with novel and innovative hypotheses, performed in human subjects, or research approaches to accelerate the transition of scientific discoveries into clinical application.

“Our group conducted the first randomized clinical trail of fluid therapies for children with diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious condition in type 1 diabetes caused by insufficient levels of insulin. Funding from ADA allowed us to gather substantial preliminary data to support this clinical trial. Without this funding, the trial would not have been possible.”

Nicole Glaser, MD
University of California, Davis

Junior Faculty Development

The ADA Junior Faculty award is a specific grant mechanism for helping promising young scientists launch their careers in diabetes research.

“When I was just starting out as a new Assistant Professor I received an ADA Junior Faculty Award. This was my first external grant and was absolutely critical for launching my research program. I am not sure where I would be today without this grant.” 

Douglas Mashek, PhD 
University of Minnesota

Postdoctoral Fellows

These fellowships are available to postdoctoral researchers (MD, MD/PhD, PhD, DVM, or equivalent) to provide support for high quality training in disciplines and topics relevant to diabetes, in an environment conducive to beginning a career in diabetes research.

“Without my ADA Postdoctoral Fellowship award, I wouldn't have been able to perform the proposed diabetes research and, most likely, my career would have a different direction. My award and the resulting scientific achievements are a critical step forward in my career towards academia.”

Monica Diaz-Coranguez, PhD
University of Michigan