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Working Together to Fight Diabetes

133 million Americans live with diabetes or prediabetes, many of whom don’t realize it. As that number continues to grow, those from under-resourced communities carry the brunt of its impact. The American Diabetes Association, with support from CVS Health® is tackling the diabetes epidemic head-on.

Unleash your power

CVS Health has pledged to support people in the prevention and management of diabetes through increased awareness, resources and community initiatives like Project Power, a diabetes risk reduction and lifestyle change program. With support from CVS Health, we are boldly taking action to improve health outcomes for those disproportionately impacted by diabetes and to drive research that will address the unmet needs and health disparities in communities hit hardest. We are meeting underserved communities where they are to improve the lives of those living with diabetes.

Prevent and Thrive 

Take Steps Against Diabetes

You've got the power to take the first steps against type 2 diabetes by understanding your risk and fighting it head-on with our 60-Second Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test. You can also discover tools like Project Power to help you jumpstart a healthy lifestyle to lower your risk or to manage and thrive.

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Collaboration Against Diabetes

Project Power is bringing diabetes education to adults and children in communities most at risk. To date, Project Power has supported over 30,000 individuals across the United States to raise diabetes awareness—and it keeps growing.

Project Power equips participants with lifestyle changes to lower their risk for or manage and thrive with type 2 diabetes. To support healthy living and diabetes management, Project Power helps people build healthier habits through weekly interactive lessons, small support groups, one-on-one health coaching, weight management, and more. Project Power puts the power back in your hands—whether you live with type 2 diabetes or want to lower your risk.

Project Power Stories

Hear how Project Power is making a difference to real people. Unleash your power and sign up now.

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Working to Eliminate Health Disparities

Diabetes can impact anyone. But for some communities, the risk is higher, and the resources are limited. We are taking action to drive discovery and address the unmet needs of communities of color. Learn why research is important as we work to eliminate health disparities in communities disproportionately affected by diabetes.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

Unleash your power to make effective lifestyle changes and develop healthy habits by understanding your risk for type 2 diabetes and taking early action to lower your risk or manage and thrive.


It Starts with You

Take the first step against diabetes by understanding your risk for type 2 diabetes with this 60-second test.


Take the Power Back

We have tools to help you mange lifestyle changes to lower your diabetes risk or to manage and thrive!

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