Ways to Contribute

Donating Supplies

Spare diabetes supplies to donate?

While the American Diabetes Association (ADA) isn’t able to accept diabetes supplies, there are other organizations that do accept these items. 

insulin vial next to stacks of 100 dollar bills

Organizations that take donated supplies

We encourage you to reach out to Insulin for Life at ifl-usa.org or (352) 327-8649. It’s easy: you simply pay for the shipping to their center. While they accept a variety of diabetes supplies, such as insulin vials and pens, A1C test kits, glucagon, syringes, and more, keep in mind that they do not accept insulin pump supplies.

You can also try contacting your local animal shelter or health department, or other local organizations (think shelters, relief agencies, or religious institutions) to see if they have a program that accepts donations of supplies. You might also try reaching out to the device or supply manufacturer.

Other donations that make a difference  

To support the ADA in our mission to prevent and cure diabetes and improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes, you can make a cash or non-cash donation. For non-cash donations, the ADA is currently only accepting vehicles. We currently do not accept items, such as jewelry, coins and sports memorabilia, however for these and household items, such as, furniture, clothes, etc., we recommend you contact: 

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Local shelters or relief agencies

Give them a call or check their website to find out what type of donations they accept.