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What Can I Eat?

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Discover how healthy eating can be better for your budget and keep you on track with your diabetes meal plan.

Fish and vegetables

Program overview

Our no charge program will help you gain confidence and develop new food behaviors by getting expert help. With short, interactive training sessions, you’ll be on your way to better understand how food is related to your diabetes and improve your diabetes management.

Learn how to shop better, eat better, and live better with this eight-week program!

Powered by the American Diabetes Association® brought to you by the Elevance Health Foundation.

Making healthy food choices can be hard, but we make it easier. 

Free Groceries*

Try applying your new thinking and see how it tastes with up to $100 in grocery gift cards!
*for the first 75 who reach the milestone

Improve Your Health

Receive access to support professional, healthy toolkit, and connection to additional health services.

Elevance Health Foundation

Support programs that help individuals reach optimal health through good nutrition.

Facilitator Support

One-on-one facilitator support to guide you through your nutritional journey.


Path to Better Diabetes Management

What you eat is one of the most important aspects of managing diabetes that you control. Sign up to receive tools to use as you learn about food and emotions, navigating social situations, how to ask for support without alienating others, and eating well on a budget.

  • Get Nutritional Info
  • Learn New Strategies
  • Receive Tools & Support
  • Manage Diabetes Better
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