Safe at School

Special Considerations

You may have questions about the rights of students in special situations. Learn about common issues that many students face and what you can do to ensure fair treatment.

Children should attend school regularly even if they have diabetes. It is important that absences happen only when they are absolutely medically necessary. But when absences do happen, learn how you can make sure there are no unfair consequences for missing class time.

Back-to-School Tips
Whether you're new to diabetes, or facing a new school or new school year, this page provides tips on how to work as a team to create and implement a diabetes care plan in school.

Charter Schools (PDF)
Federal civil rights laws like Section 504 and the ADA apply to charter schools. Read the Department of Education's "Dear Colleague" letter. It provides a reminder that charter schools are subject to the same Federal civil rights obligations as all other public schools, and highlights some of the legal requirements.

Child Protective Services
If Child Protective Services is involved with your family because of your child's diabetes, learn where you can find more information.

Child Care, Camps and Recreational Programs
Resources developed by the Association regarding the rights of children with diabetes to participate in child care, camps, and recreational programs.

College and Beyond
Learn about legal protections and the kinds of accommodations a student with diabetes might need beyond high school, as well as how to work with post-secondary institutions.

NEW! Emergency Lockdown Preparation (PDF)
Learn what you can do to make sure your child's diabetes needs are met in case of a school lockdown or other emergency.

Field Trips, Sports and Other School Activities (PDF)
The law doesn't just protect students when they are in the classroom. Students with diabetes have the right to safely take part in the full range of activities and programs schools offer. In many cases, this means that schools must make sure trained school staff attend the programs your student participates in.

Religious Schools and Diabetes (PDF)
Although the law applies to religious schools somewhat differently, there are still many things parents and guardians can do to make sure that their children are safe and healthy and treated fairly.

STOMP Project (Specialized Training of Military Parents)
Military families encounter unique challenges in getting their children the diabetes care in child care and school that they need. Find out how to get help.

Standardized Testing and Diabetes
Learn about the accommodations a student with diabetes might need within a standardized testing environment, as well as how to work with schools and testing corporations to secure approval for accommodations.

USDA Guidance for Accommodating Special Dietary Needs of Children in School Nutrition Programs (PDF)
Students with diabetes need to to know the nutritional information of the food they are served in order for them to be able to follow a healthy diabetes regimen. Read guidelines describing factors that must be considered by food service in planning menus to serve students with disabilities.

Updated 1/30/23.