Diabetes Dialogues

Meet Sielei


When I was 11, I became very sick with a flu virus, my mom thought that medicine and rest would help. I kept getting worse, drinking water every second I got, throwing up, barely being able to walk and there was this awful pain going down my entire side starting at my neck. My mom decided that we should go to the walk-in clinic and when we did I was passing out and waking back up, I could barely walk, or talk and the doctor took one look at me and said I needed to go to the ER. So my mom rushed me there, I was barely awake not talking, breathing deeply and when they saw me I was fighting not going into a coma and the doctor didn't know if I'd make it. I had a blood sugar of 720 and was in extreme pain. I ended up being in the hospital for 4 days and I learned very quickly how I was supposed to live from now on. My fear of needles left me and I had no problem. 

This year March 15 will be my 6th year with diabetes. I am very healthy and fighting every day for myself and people that go through the same thing as me. I hope one day to see a cure or even better technology than we already have. I now use a t slim pump and CGM and it has made my life easier.