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Sharing My Story: Breonna

Sharing My Story: Breonna

Growing up with a type 1 diabetic dad, I had to learn young what to do in emergencies. My dad always planned on dying young from his disease. God had other plans for him. My dad never took care of himself. My dad used to be a construction worker, building houses, racing bmx bikes, and riding crotch rockets. He was my superhero dad.

Diabetes slowly destroyed his body. Taking his eyesight, causing severe neuropathy from his knees down, to having congestive heart failure to needing dialysis 3 days a week. My dad suffered the last 2 months of his life, needing a permanent trach in his throat; it caused an infection that went straight to his brain. He died 2 days after surgery and 1 day before his 51st birthday.

He was my best friend. The world is a terrible place without him. We need awareness of type 1 diabetes and how deadly this horrible disease is. RIP Billy Roberts. You're deeply missed.

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