Diabetes Dialogues

Sharing My Story: Erica S.


Hi. My name is Erica Scaglione, I am 27 years and have had type 1 diabetes since the age of seven.

Wow, 20 years without any complications—until a few years ago. My kidneys took a hit. I was in end-stage kidney renal failure and had to enter dialysis three times a week. I was, and still am, waiting for a kidney transplant. During this time, my eyes started having issues as well.

One day, I woke up and was blind. It took several surgeries and recoveries to regain the sight in my left eye, but not in my right. This was caused by diabetic retinopathy. Having all these health problems was difficult, not only due to the fact I was young, but because I was also an opera singer and music teacher. 

I tell this story today because, during that time, I still taught music, performed in Phantom of the Opera and became a paralegal at a criminal law defense firm. Although law isn't my passion, I'm pursuing my Master’s in Music to become a professor. This is my story. I wrote an original song during this time and will attach. Thank you.