Sharing My Story: Nicolene

Sharing My Story: Nicolene

October 02, 2020

Photo of Nicolene

Nicolene, diagnosed at age 26, knows all too well how diabetes can impact vision. This is her story:

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 26. I never had any severe problems with it until last year. Suddenly, my eyes were giving me trouble. I was seeing blurry and double vision, and I almost couldn’t see anything without glasses which made it difficult to work with my clients and do what I love in the hair industry.

I went to an optometrist and she was shocked.

She sent me to an eye specialist for a checkup. He couldn't believe his eyes. The fact that I'm 33 and have cataracts due to diabetes attacking my eyesight.

It feels so unrealistic, but I had my first cataract surgery in August, and the results are breathtaking and unbelievable. I had my next surgery in September, and I must say, the results are phenomenal. 

I'm so, so thankful to the experts who made it possible for me to see and use my eyes again.

Please look after yourself, go for regular three-month checkups and please respect the doctor who is walking the path with you. They only have your best interest at heart.

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